A Division of HMS

HANSEN MOTOR SPORTS is a division of Hansen Metallurgical Services that supports and promotes Off-Road Motorcycle riding and racing. A portion of the resources in HMS is dedicated to promoting and supporting all forms of Off-Road Motorcycle Riding and Racing. HMS partners with companies and individuals that we think are great for the sport. 

Some of HANSEN MOTOR SPORTS activities include:  

Product testing and development for motorcycles including:

  • Testing of off-road motorcycles, parts, products, and setup.
  • Support and Promotion of off-road racing in various forms- Enduro, Extreme Enduro, Desert    Racing, and Dual Sport.
  • Mentoring up-and-coming racers in various venues including Monster Energy Supercross.
  • Mutual promotion of industry peers who support the sport we love.
  • Support and preservation of public land use initiatives.

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Is Dedicated to Jim “Doc” Hansen